Sunday, 6 November 2011

just 4 u syayunx

 ..4 u sygss..
I know I am not the perfect place for you ..
but not one state if I need love and affection from you ..
since I know you, then I know the meaning of love and affection ..
well .. sense a romance is I have lost you ..
for me is not possible it will happen again ..
... I am very happy when with you ..
I know I did you may be happy right ..
I am not perfect enough for you right??
but allow me to continue my love and love ..
you know yourself right that I too love and love you right???
enough for me to have one ..
thank you because you are present in my life ..
I love very close to you ..
 >syayunx kamOo<
my heart only 4 u sygss..
..mOhd syawal..

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